Mojo where big data begins

Everybody talks about big data with many uses starting with predictive analytics of this big data. What you never hear is how do we create usable big data and that is PaperClip Mojo, where big data begins.

PaperClip Mojo is a new Platform as a Service born in the Cloud to engage Crowd Sourcing for Big Data processing. The ability to transcribe, translate and interpretation of Big Data faster and more accurate than ever before is a killer app. Cloud computing turns what took hours and days into seconds and minutes. Crowd Sourcing reaches a global workforce for accuracy and new capabilities never experienced before.


The Cloud

The Cloud is the best platform for processing big data that is contiguous in format and the results are consistent and repeatable. Contiguous formats are images, audio, video and live streaming feeds. These formats can be segmented into smaller items called SnipIts, cataloged and be reassembled. Consistent and repeatable results define technology and people interactions with the SnipIt will produce the same results.

Crowd Sourced

Crowd Sourcing is the next game changer, the ability to engage the entire planet. Technology has reached its limits and the results are not useable. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cannot read handwriting effectively; someone always has to clean up the mess. Speech to Text solutions don’t excel very well with third party audio either. There are just somethings best left to people.


Mojo addresses security in two ways, content to Clippers and context in storage. In distributing thousands of SnipIts to thousands of Clippers, the key here is to remove all contexts to the SnipIt itself. A SnipIt may present the image of “John“ to a Clipper, the Clipper has no knowledge of the source.

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