How PaperClip Works

Paperless document management - the easy way

With PaperClip Incorporated, users start by creating an electronic folder within one of the many PaperClip products or services. PaperClip follows the paper filing metaphor of Cabinet, Drawer, Folder, Document, Page and Annotations. Replacing the paper filing system with an electronic mirror version, training and adoption comes quickly. Projects involving elaborate workflow rules are lengthy deployments, hard to follow especially in the financial services industry and simply the wrong place to focus; workflow belongs in the data system, why, because that’s where all the data is.

Workflow starts with the data system (e.g. Agency Management System, CRM, LOS, etc.) and needs three points of integration,

  1. Folder and Document retrieval,
  2. Automatically capture documents generated by the data system and
  3. data exchange between both systems providing an update as they happen in either system.

PaperClip has a wide range of tools and services designed to integrate (e.g. Translators, Open4 desktop, Open4 Web API, Auto Import, Internet eXpress, The Capture Place). Single Sign On options from PaperClip SSO or SAML V2.0 with metadata exchange allowing for a smooth user experience.

Convenient access to data

As with paper folders, the electronic folder becomes the central repository for all documents. This central repository can be accessed from multiple applications and locations, enabling multiple users to access the same folder simultaneously.

Now, instead of printing electronic documents, documents are maintained in their original digital format, effortlessly transforming a traditionally paper-based process into a paperless one. That is, when a fax comes in, it is electronically routed to the intended electronic file without ever being printed. E-mails and electronic documents are easily filed, and paper documents are quickly scanned to produce a digital replica.

Instead of printing and manually filing documents, PaperClip enables users to keep documents in their native electronic format and file them in virtual filing cabinets that mimic a company's current filing systems.

Paperless document delivery

Whether users are receiving or sending documents, PaperClip's Internet eXpress Suite enables users and their trading partners, branch offices and field offices to efficiently exchange electronic documents. This document delivery service ensures the secure transmission of document packages, and enables users to easily track transmitted documents. PaperClip exchanges among 500 plus Companies over 4 million document per month, workflow to workflow, workflow to people, people to workflow and people to people.

Archiving made easy

Whether or not documents are originated in paper or electronically, PaperClip provides the tools to securely store final documentation in electronic format. The technology eliminates the need for costly storage and cumbersome document retrieval.

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