What Can Mojo do for Medicare Enrollment?

Imagine receiving a Medicare supplement application package and within 2 hours have the case created in the admin system for processing, and documents automatically filed in good order.

Mojo4Life is the integration of the Mojo Service with our powerful VCF Series and the popular Agency Management Systems promoting an STP for the capture of new business, both text, and handwriting, automates doc typing, the filing of documents and case creation. Select from a list of Medicare Carriers' preconfigured new business forms, your AMS and you're ready to go.

Mojo as a "Big Data" Platform as a Service can get your people running quickly saving hours of data entry and processing.

  • Mojo's Six Sigma process can receive your documents whether text or handwritten and provide the highest level of output friendly to your back-office process.
  • Mojo is unique in its process of Machine Learning and validation enabling 99.9% accuracy.
  • Mojo is secure, adopting the IOTA Database schema known as the “Breach Killer” ensuring complete customer data privacy.
  • Mojo is a truly scalable “Cloud Born” PaaS offering consistent “Turn Around Times” within minutes and hours, not days or weeks. Receive your documents “Forms Classified” and your data in the format you need like ACORD or Mojo XML messages, JSON and CSV.'

Process for pennies on the dollar and most importantly, give hours of time back to your case managers in this busy time.

Mojo can only improve your customer's experience with accuracy and turn around making you look like the professionals you all are.

Don't imagine, make it a reality with Mojo!

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