PaperClip Announces eM4 Pricing Modifications

October 8, 2009, Hackensack, NJ - PaperClip Incorporated, a leading provider of mission-critical communications software and services for businesses and government organizations using the Internet, has announced a new annual fee for related premise software required by subscribers. The eM4 Server and Desktop applications effective November 15, 2009, will require a new annual fee of $3,000 and $100 respectively. Current subscribers will not be affected by the new pricing and the annual transaction pricing plans will remain in effect.

The eM4 compliant email service offers businesses an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to the industry's demand for ensuring that all emails and attachments are secure, compliant and traceable. The new annual pricing ensures a robust enhancement schedule and remains commodity priced.

"The rapid adoption of eM4 service is very exciting," states Suzy Tuck, vice president of sales for PaperClip Incorporated. "Our early adopters have been invaluable in rolling out eM4". "Working with 128 subscribers for the last two years has produced the best solution in the market today", continued Ms. Tuck. Over the last two years, the eM4 Service has encrypted over one million emails and subscribers have pushed out over 5,000 eM4 Lite subscribers securing their trading partners.

Established in 1991, PaperClip Incorporated develops and markets products and services that enable effective communications within a company and with third parties. Through innovative solutions, PaperClip helps customers solve operational problems and reduce overhead associated with the capture, management, transmission, and storage of paper, images, faxes and reports.

PaperClip empowers companies to efficiently and securely communicate across the Internet, in a straight-through processing model, decreasing the cost and time to process documents by an order of magnitude. The company’s mission is to create electronic document solutions that enable the business document to remain in digital format for its life cycle. Thanks to its cutting-edge line of products and services, today companies can go paperless in a matter of hours.

PaperClip Incorporated has a customer base that ranges from small organizations to Fortune 1,000 multinationals in a wide range of industries, with a concentration in healthcare, insurance, and financial services. Today, PaperClip is poised to become the leading supplier of integrated document management (IDM) and Internet business-to-business (B2B) document delivery solutions focused in the “straight-through processing” market.



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