Since 1995, Mike has served as President, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Director of Professional Services,and Consultant for PaperClip Incorporated. In his current role, he is responsible for strategic direction,operations, and corporate communications. Prior to joining PaperClip Software, Mike was the Executive Vice President and co-founder of CMF Design System, a custom software and systems integration firm. Mike received a Bachelor of Science from Rowan University and served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps.



Sep 17, 2014
Mike Bridges

Lenders and everyone one else out there, confuses paperless with process. Whether you work with paper or images, you have to have a process.

Jun 05, 2014
Mike Bridges

Imaging remains the most dominate electronic format for eliminating paper. Paper cost $1.30 per page cradle to grave. Paper scanned to image cost ~ $0.30 per page. By scanning paper as soon as you can, will save a dollar per page.

May 07, 2014
Mike Bridges

In a previous column I talked about how apathy enables cyber crimes. Cyber crimes are now larger than all property crimes combined. Unfortunately this apathy leads most lenders and service providers in the mortgage industry to still believe that cyber crime might hit Target and other well know retailers but not the mortgage industry. Well, I hope these recent events may change your thinking. 

Mar 03, 2014
Mike Bridges

Our story focuses on a Financial Services (Mortgage, Securities, Insurance) Company with 25 employees.  What this Company does in the supply chain is irrelevant; the fact remains the same, they manage non-public information (NPI) as a third party.  The Company is required by law, regulations or rule to protect third party NPI and log who had access to it.  The Company has the potential to do business with 200 trading partners as they conduct their business.  Now let’s see their secure email options and what they really cost.

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