vcf4Compliance is designed to capture, store, retrieve and audit electronic documents in a compliant Software WORM high availability environment.

vcf4Compliance enables Securities and Exchange Commission requirements for electronic document storage. PaperClip provides this hosted model across several layers of technology achieving SEC Rule 17a-4 for UN-alterable secure business records which are quickly accessible.

vcf4Compliance provides

  • PaperClip "Disinterested Third Party" Hosting
  • Secure and Audited "Read Only" Access
  • "Append Only" storage of electronic documents (images, emails, spreadsheets, video, voice, etc.)
  • Encrypted data elements meeting the strictest compliance
  • Browser accessible Regulatory Authority auditing
  • Unlimited Retention
  • Supports PaperClip's Network Object Storage System
  • vcf4Securities automatic archiving
  • Supports remote archiving vis Internet eXpress

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