About vcf4Life

Introduction to pcThin

vcf4Life is designed to capture, store, retrieve and exchange electronic documents in a compliant standards based environment for the Life Insurance professional.


vcf4Life uses Life Brokerage Technology Committee Standard Indexing:

  • Eight metedata fields (Name, SSN, DOB, Case ID, Business Area, Product Type and More).
  • Life Brokerage Technology Committee Standard 30 Document Types.

eX4 Internet eXpress Document Exchange Network:

  • Point & Click send to over 60 carriers and underwriting departments.
  • Select entire folders or individual documents to send.
  • Track documents submission via the eX4 Portal.


vcf4Life Commodity Pricing

  • $400 Annual Subscription.
  • Includes One Drawer, One Secure Login and Five Gigabytes of Storage.
  • Internet eXpress accounted for by Secure Email Pricing.
  • Monthly Traffic Usage Reports Delivered Via Email.
  • Web Training & Help Desk Support.

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