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Integrating MOJO into our daily workflow process has been one of the best decisions we have made. We onboarded at a time when we were short-staffed, and it provided a quick, easy, and efficient support system. MOJO could handle multiple applications at the same time. It allowed our case managers to focus on case management while MOJO entered the applications into our AMS system, not to mention, also created a Paperclip folder, and indexed the documents. Our case management team loved the integration, and the process continues to work efficiently since we onboarded in 2018.

Veronica T. LunaDirector of New Business and Contracting
Innovative Solutions Insurance Services, LLC

Paperclip’s services will allow us to remove countless unnecessary steps and reduce the amount of tasks for our New Business Teams. Our long-time Imaging Specialist is retiring and our partnership with Paperclip has made it possible to not replace the role. The features available within the platform are a hit amongst our teams—and we should have made the taken the plunge to work with Paperclip years ago!

Tracy MeierVice President, Operations
Pinney Insurance

Lion Street chose Paperclip at the onset of our operations, as our primary document archive and transmission solution for life insurance applications. This decision was based on speed of implementation due to existing carrier connectivity, experience and knowledge of our workflows, and Paperclip’s ability to meet or exceed required industry regulations and standards for information security.

We established a dedicated platform with Paperclip’s Virtual Client Folder (VCF) solution to support our internal and field operations. We enhanced the VCF solution with Paperclip’s Mojo offering to further streamline the process for our advisors, while digitizing the data from traditional forms. These two solutions have proven to work in concert to enable Lion Street to meet the varying needs of our independent practitioners and also create internal operating efficiency and scale for Lion Street.

Scott WeberVP, Practice Management & Technology
Lion Street Inc.

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Bring your business into the future, using new tools and techniques to optimize workflows without sacrificing data security. Utilize third party collaboration and database analysis while your data is always encrypted. Use cutting edge AI tools to create efficiencies without the risk of privacy exposure.

Paperclip’s solutions are built on a foundation of Zero Trust and integrated into our pre -existing document supply chain, so our fast and accurate encryption solution is as easy to implement as it is to use.

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