About Paperclip

Over 30 years ago, a small company in New Jersey set out to imagine what the future of digital information would be, and develop the solutions necessary to accurately capture, store, exchange, and secure terabytes of data that would soon become the lifeblood of the modern corporation.

While other tech companies had futuristic names, this group of mathematicians, engineers and programmers found inspiration in their desire to make their solutions accessible and affordable. They called their company Paperclip, after the most common object used to safely hold and connect documents.

Today, Paperclip is a proven technology partner that continues to revolutionize content and document management and data security for firms worldwide. Every second of every day, our innovative solutions are securely processing, transcribing and communicating sensitive content across the internet. Maximizing efficiency to save millions annually, while maintaining absolute security and compliance.


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Paperclip is one of a few Enterprise Content Management companies partnered on Microsoft AZURE.
Other key partnerships include:

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biopic-william weiss

William Weiss

William is the co-founder of Paperclip, and holds over 35 years of experience in the technology industry. Prior to founding Paperclip, he was founder and president of Medical Registry Services, specializing in systems for cancer record- keeping in hospitals. William has also held senior management positions at numerous companies, including Numerax and Automatic Data Processing.
biopic-D Michael Bridges

D. Michael Bridges

President / COO
Since 1995, Mike has served as President, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Director of Corporate Services, and Consultant for Paperclip Incorporated. In his current role, he is responsible for strategic direction, operations, and corporate communications. Prior to joining Paperclip Incorporated, Mike was the Executive Vice President and co-founder of CMF Design System, a custom software and systems integration firm. Mike received a Bachelor of Science from Rowan University and served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps.
biopic Michael Suleski

Michael Suleski

A visionary and Paperclip co-founder, Mike is responsible for product conception, design and software engineering. In his 30-year career, he has developed software products and systems for Synercon Corporation, Henderson Industries, Singer/Kearfott, and Pyrotronics. Mike holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Computer Science, from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Chad F. Walter

Chief Revenue Officer
Chad F. Walter joined Paperclip in June of 2022 and serves as the Chief Revenue Officer focused on the launch of Paperclip’s new SAFE solution. His responsibilities include leading the Paperclip Sales and Marketing initiatives through strategic growth, goal attainment, sales channel development, and new client acquisitions. Prior to joining Paperclip, Chad was the VP, Sales and Marketing for IGI Cybersecurity, VP Business Development for GreyCastle Security, and the founder of CF Walter Consulting. Chad has worked in various leadership roles within cybersecurity, technology, and globalization for more than 20 years.
biopic Mitchell Mond

Mitchell Mond

SVP of Cloud Services
Mitch is responsible for software development, product content and operations for Mojo. His prior roles included VP of Development and VP of Sales for Ness Technologies, and a software development manager for IBM. Mitch holds an MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickerson University, and a BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from State University of New York.
biopic-suzanne g tuck

Suzanne G. Tuck

SVP of Sales
Suzy has spearheaded the company’s successful business development efforts for nearly 25 years. Prior to that, she served as Sales Manager for Anacomp, Software Manager and Senior Systems Analyst for Datagraphix, and Senior Systems Analyst for Nixdorf Computer Corporation. Suzy holds a BS in Computers and Information Systems from Tulane University.
biopic-scott smith

Scott Smith

SVP of Professional Services
Scott began his Paperclip career at our help desk over 30 years ago, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a key executive. Today, Scott manages the design, deployment and operations of our data centers. Before joining us, he worked as Field Service Technician for Tandy Computer Services, and studied Electronics Engineering Technology at DeVry University in Atlanta.