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Paperclip is a technology partner solely focused on providing enterprises with the most efficient means of secure document capture, processing and storage. Via leading-edge solutions that keep information digital throughout its life cycle.

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Paperclip SAFE is a true breakthrough that achieves the impossible – easier data search access while keeping the database itself fully encrypted without sacrificing performance. Join us for the online launch.


A global leader in document management and security.

Discover why clients trust Paperclip to solve their greatest digital information challenges. From rapidly growing firms to Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide.

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Elevating innovation beyond expectations.

Our expansive range of cloud-based B2B and B2C solutions eliminate paper to deliver new possibilities in efficiency, communication and ROI. Each customized to your industry and business goals.


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Every client works with a Paperclip team with direct experience in their industry, allowing us to collaborate and provide insight as a trusted partner. Arrange a private consultation now.

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