PaperClip Inc. declares a cash dividend of 1.75 cent a share

November 16, 2015, HACKENSACK, NJ PaperClip Inc., the company, has announced a one-time cash dividend of 1.75 cents per share payable to shareholders of record on December 4, 2015, payable December 21, 2015. The company also paid a cash dividend of 1.5 cents per share to shareholders on December 18, 2014. This is the sixth consecutive year PaperClip has paid cash dividends.


About PaperClip, Inc.

PaperClip Inc develops and markets products and services where artificial intelligence enhances capture, digital transformation, management, and communications of documents within a company and it's trading partners. Through innovative solutions, PaperClip enables the food chain the ability to deliver straight through processing workflow, changing the paradigm for processing business from point of sale to closing while maintaining compliance. PaperClip Inc has a customer base that ranges from small organizations to Fortune 1,000 in a wide range of industries, with a concentration in insurance and financial services. One vendor, 28 years in business, with a history of integrating the dynamics of change. For more information visit

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