OCR Unimaginable
The Magic of Mojo!



  • The best of technologies paired with human validation to achieve 99.9% accuracy...
  • A market-leading platform for a document to data transformation...




Mojo is built on four pillars which when achieved, you have changed the game!


  • Shredded Data Model removes context eliminates NPI or PHI and enhances Cyber Security.
  • The powerful combination of Machine Learning and multiple layers of human validation enables 99.9% accuracy.
  • AZURE service fabric provides on-demand scalability ensuring input queues have the resources needed to meet any SLA.
  • Time = Money

When turnaround time is a competitive advantage, Mojo is unchallenged!


  • Designed to process big data to a consistent Turn Around Time no matter its size.
  • Imagine receiving a 10-page application with 50 fields of data to collect takes 30 seconds. Now imagine receiving a 100-page application with 500 fields of data to collect takes 30 seconds.
  • This is the magic of cloud computing and crowdsourcing!

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  • The Brokerage Inc
  • Innovative Solutions Insurance Services
  • Lion Street

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