Onboarding New Business Reinvented with Mojo!



  • The best of technologies paired with human validation to achieve 99.9% accuracy...
  • Turnaround times unimaginable...
  • A market-leading platform for a document to data transformation...



straight through

Mojo integrations give “Straight Through Process” a new meaning!


  • 40+ data fields digitized, transcribed, and interpreted.
  • Integrations with popular agency management systems for Case creation removing touch points.
  • Automates document typing and indexing for auto filing into the PaperClip Virtual Client Folder document management system.
  • Support of 16 Carrier form libraries.
  • Return valuable time to case management professionals to what they are good at, servicing and processing new business.

When turnaround time is a competitive advantage, Mojo is unchallenged!


  • Designed to process unlimited Application Packets to a consistent Turn Around Time no matter its size.
  • Imagine receiving 6 Application Packet with 30 pages and 50 fields of data to collect takes 2 hours.Now imagine receiving 100 Application Packets with 30 pages each and 50 fields of data each to collect takes 2 hours.
  • This is the magic of cloud computing and crowdsourcing!

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  • The Brokerage Inc
  • Innovative Solutions Insurance Services
  • Lion Street

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