Paperclip SAFE® Product Overview

Paperclip’s SAFE Secures Your Data & Stops the Breach
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could implement technology that makes your organization’s data more secure, searchable,
useful, and profitable?
Paperclip, the global leader in document management and security, has solved that problem—and wants to be your
technology partner.
With SAFE, a Privacy Enhancing Technology, your organization will realize new capabilities in harnessing the power
of your stored data while protecting against threats and stopping the data breach pandemic.

The Steps SAFE Takes to Secure Your Data
SAFE leverages crypto technology and machine learning to extend protection beyond perimeter security alone:

  • API Encryption: Each API request is considered an attack and immediately scanned for threats
  • Fast & Secure Searching: Blinding fast search is enabled for all data assets—in use, at rest, and in motion—while encrypted to maintain application performance
  • Trust Security: Implicit trust and single point of failure are eliminated while multiple key vaults for multiple encryptions are managed
  • Shredded Data Security: Attacker threats are mitigated as stolen data is rendered useless and recovery deemed impossible

SAFE Protects Your Business’s Most Valuable Asset—Your Data
SAFE operates under the assumption that a breach has already occurred, and third-party entities should not be
trusted, which serves to protect your organization and its complex technology environment.

With SAFE, you will experience new peace of mind knowing:

  • Confidential data remains private
  • Compliance and security challenges are mitigated
  • Data can be searched at lightning fast speeds
  • Attackers using hacking tools are
    defended against
  • No single point of contact can decrypt data

Finally, your organization’s reputation, financial standing, operations, and profitability are safeguarded,
preserving the long-term viability of your company as you attain your goals.
Paperclip invites you to learn more about SAFE. We are standing by to assist.
Reach out to a member of our team today.

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