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SAFE Insights

From candid industry insights to emerging threats and trends, no one has their finger on the pulse of data and document security like our President, D. Michael Bridges. Enjoy his latest articles, and browse the full library at any time.

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The Anatomy of a Breach

Let’s start with some findings relating to the breach, current events.  A mega-breach is more than a million rows of data loss or stolen.  A million records are not hard to get to these days and if breached, the remediation expense is the heavies...

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Cybercrime & Cryptocurrency Part 2

The notion that Cybercrime is fueling the Cryptocurrency market through money laundering activity, they are interdependent. If we eliminated 95% of cybercrime, we could declare victory and keep $5 trillion moving in our global economy. I picked toda...

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Cybercrime & Cryptocurrency Part 1

I’ve always been curious about who’s making the money from cybercrime. Among the players we have Nation States, Organized Crime, Small teams to Individuals, so let’s follow the money. To keep this simple and about money, we’ll discuss the thr...

How’s the Phishing? Great!

My company was hit again with a Business Phish this February targeting a new hire, same as last time.  This is why it so important to have cyber training the first training a new employee receives.  In my cases, new employees were targeted within a...