Paperclip SAFE ends the Breach

Protect & Secure Your Data—and Your Organization with Paperclip SAFE

Every company on the planet shares a few elusive goals:

  • Realize the power of stored data
  • Keep that data secure and protected against threats
  • Make the data more searchable, useful, and profitable

Introducing Paperclip SAFE, a Privacy Enhancing Technology that provides a revolutionary solution to the data breach pandemic.

Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms, SAFE goes beyond perimeter security alone. SAFE is comprised of:

  • Secure API Encryption: Every API request is considered an attack and is scanned to stop a breach before it starts.
  • Fast and Secure Searching: Application performance is maintained, and “Data in Use” is always encrypted.
  • Trust Security: Implicit trust and single point of failure are eliminated while multiple key vaults for multiple encryptions are managed.
  • Shredded Data Security: Mitigates the attacker’s threat by making stolen data useless and rendering any recovery impossible.

SAFE combines crypto technology with advances in data storage and retrieval, resulting in large-scale data protection while enabling faster, searchable access.

Secure Your Data with SAFE

Space is limited to try SAFE ahead of everyone else – a $25,000 value.

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