The Capture Place

The Capture Place (TCP) is a set of innovative applications that greatly simplifies document information capture and processing. By reducing the number of user steps and employing smart automation, TCP offers companies an elevated level of efficiency that not only saves time and cost, but reduces errors.


TCP seamlessly allows end users and business applications to collect electronic documents — and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) — into an EDX v3.1 package for transmission to a document management solution, EDI application, or both.

Within TCP are the tools for collecting a wide array of documents, including scanned images, file imports, file-captured EDI and even documents printed to the TCP print driver to create TIFF images. The resulting data is then transformed, packaged, converted and transported to the recipient for further processing as an EDX v3.1 package.

By quickly leveraging the electronic attributes of documents without requiring programming, TCP offers a unique, easy-to-use solution for automated document and EDI capture.

Core Features

TCP print driver

  • Capture any Windows print output to the TCP print driver for automatic creation of Group IV compressed TIFF images
  • Automatic insertion of print images into the TCP packager

TWAIN scan support

  • Scan paper documents creating a TIFF format and and insert into the TCP packager
  • Provides functionality of converting a PDF file type into a Group IV compressed TIFF image format

Drag and drop support

  • Drag and drop faxes, emails, email attachments, reports, word processing, spreadsheets, PDFs, XML forms, and other electronic documents into the TCP packager

Capture metadata via a browser interface

  • Index documents for document management and workflow processing
  • Enter EDI information for application processing
  • Support of Single Sign On with SAML Insertion

PDF to TIFF conversion support

  • Provides the functionality of receiving a PDF file type and converting it to a Group IV compressed TIFF image format


  • Creates EDX package of documents captured for secure transmission via Internet eXpress

Single Sign On

  • Controlled access through customer website using Single Sign On

Internet eXpress Integration

TCP creates EDX packages to be managed via the Internet eXpress (IE) service to recipients on the IE network or delivered for storage in Virtual Client Folder (VCF).

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