eM4 Encrypted Email

From the FTC and SEC to HIPAA, laws concerning protection of customer data continue to grow, especially enforcement of encrypted email transmission. To make it easier for companies to maintain compliance while avoiding complexity, Paperclip developed an acclaimed email encryption technology called eM4.


Since its launch in 2007, Paperclip’s eM4 solution has protected hundreds of millions of e-mails requiring compliance-mandated encryption. Its popularity stems not only from its proven email encryption algorithm, but how it elegantly solves the lack of interoperability, affordability and IT resources required with competitive email encryption solutions.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with all popular enterprise e-mail clients, eM4 encrypts messages and their attachments from firewall to firewall. There is no user learning or training required. Nor do receivers of eM4 encrypted emails need to worry about logins and passwords. All in a solution that is infinitely scalable, and priced to be affordable to organizations of any size.

For additional security, e-mails do not pass through our Paperclip Central Office. Our Central Office only manages encryption keys, subscribers and audit information collection.

Advantages of Encrypted Email

  • Effective for B2B and B2C communications
  • No logins or passwords
  • No user training
  • Easily scalable to thousands of users
  • B2C model does not require authentication
  • Proof of Delivery uses Wallet Authentication to confirm identity — a combination of simple questions based on shared personal information
  • Proof of Readability ensures attachments can be opened and read
  • Proof of Agreement is E-Signing made simple
  • Disinterested third party (D3P) auditing makes reporting available to all company and regulatory authorities as necessary by each recipient

Add e-signature Features

For clients who also offer documents for e-signature, our SIGN tool is inclusive with eM4. Click here for details.

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