Mojo Data Digitization

Documents and images hold precious information to an organization. The key is how to accurately transcribe and interpret them. Leveraging our decades of document technology expertise, Paperclip created a cloud-based service that finally makes data digitization affordable and practical. It’s called Mojo.


Mojo uniquely combines machine learning and crowdsourced human intelligence to transcribe, translate and interpret data with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.

On the technology side, our experience in document imaging led us to create a Deep Learning Neural Network with machine and handwriting recognition levels beyond industry benchmarks. The results are then analyzed by humans when a technology-generated conversion score is less than acceptable.

Since its launch in 2014 Mojo, a patented technology, has provided clients from a diverse array of business fields a competitive advantage unlike any other. Currently, Mojo achieves a 99.9% accuracy rate through machine learning, predictive analytics and human verification on questionable results. And Mojo becomes ever more intelligent with each project it handles.


Mojo is built on four pillars that work in harmony to deliver maximum value and separate it from any other type of Big Data solution:

  1. Security — The Shredded Data model removes context, eliminating NPI or PHI enabling Mojo to present data for verification in a way that is impossible for outsiders to steal. It also requires no exposure of a client’s databases or infrastructure.
  2. Accuracy — The powerful combination of Machine Learning and multiple layers of human validation deploys a Six Sigma quality standard of 4 defects per million, or 99.9% accuracy.
  3. Speed — Mojo utilizes Azure’s service fabric platform to gain on-demand scaling capabilities and achieve turnaround times impossible before the advent of advanced cloud computing.
  4. Economics — Mojo eliminates the need for facilities, human resources, security, training and more, delivering high-speed processing services for no capital outlay.

For clients on a rapid timetable, Mojo is a uniquely preferred choice due to its ability to scale on demand and prioritize time sensitive information.


Mojo can support both structured and unstructured documents.

For structured documents, Mojo processes industry forms enhancing “straight-through process” model to a new level of automation and accuracy.  Now an unlimited number of forms can be processed to a consistent turnaround time, no matter their size. Mojo’s machine learning technology digitizes, transcribes and interprets data fields, supported by human verification to achieve true accuracy. Clients avoid typing, and indexing, in favor of having Mojo automatically send a compliant data feed to administration systems and file documents into the Paperclip Virtual Client Folder document management system or others.

Imagine that receiving 6 applications with 30 pages and 50 fields of data to collect takes an average of 2 hours to currently process. Mojo can process 100 of those applications in the same 2-hour period. That’s the magic of Mojo at work.

For unstructured documents, Mojo processes documents that lack a predefined format or organization.   Unlike structured documents, which follow a specific format or template, unstructured documents can vary widely in their layout, content, and presentation.  Examples of unstructured documents are Commission statements, e-Applications, and financial statements, XML, or CSV files.  These unstructured documents can be normalized into a consistent data feed, populating administration systems or algorithms that generate financial presentations, and more.

Imagine that receiving a commission statement with 30 pages and 25 transactions per page of data to collect takes an average of 2 hours to currently process.  Mojo can process 100 of those statements in the same 2-hour period, offering operational efficiencies that exceed expectations.

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