While insurance companies can realize savings by onboarding new clients faster, even a small mistake in data accuracy can result in a significant loss of revenue as well as trust. Mojo4Life is designed to mitigate that risk and offer insurers an intelligent, automated Big Data process that is as accurate as it is effortless.


Mojo4Life takes our proven “straight-through process” model to a new level of automation and accuracy. Now an unlimited number of applications can be processed to a consistent turnaround time, no matter their size. Mojo’s machine learning technology digitizes, transcribes and interprets 50 plus data fields, supported by human verification to achieve true accuracy. Clients avoid typing, and indexing, in favor of having Mojo automatically file data into the Paperclip Virtual Client Folder document management system. In addition, Mojo saves case managers valuable time by fully integrating with popular agency management systems for case creation. This removes the need for touch points, and allows managers to focus on their primary responsibility of servicing and processing new customers.


Imagine that receiving 6 applications with 30 pages and 50 fields of data to collect takes an average of 2 hours to currently process. Mojo4Medicare can process 100 of those applications in the same 2-hour period. That’s the magic of Mojo at work.

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