Paperclip SAFE secures data on-premise and in the cloud with millisecond searching. By combining our shredded data and crypto technology with robust TDR and API Security, SAFE makes encryption in-use a practical reality. Stop the Breach with SAFE!



The more available a database is to search and use, the less secure it becomes. It’s a basic law of data security.

We’ve just upended that law forever.

Paperclip SAFE provides the ability to fully protect large quantities of sensitive data, even during searching. This new, milestone technology protects every database with unbreakable searchable encryption, and keeps it encrypted while allowing authorized searches and computations to be performed with blinding speed.

SAFE, a Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) is revolutionizing data security with advanced solutions to the data breach pandemic.

Paperclip SAFE offers four areas of innovation that protect the database beyond perimeter security:

API Threat Detection & Response (TDR)
Prevent API hacking by treating each request as a threat. SAFE uses TDR technology and machine learning algorithms to determine the intent of the API request, monitor data behavior, and secure sensitive information. Zero Tolerance Responses ensure security is maximized and breaches through API hacking are stopped.

Searchable Encryption (SE)
The ability to compute with encrypted data, SAFE’s encrypted searching encompasses many capabilities like create, search, update, and calculate. SAFE’s Practical SE performs in milliseconds because computations are created when the data is created. SAFE utilizes off-the-shelf cryptology, providing strong encryption.

Shredded Data Storage (SDS)
Shreds of data stored with no context. Shreds are only stored once creating probabilistic encryption. Encrypted by strong and proven off-the-shelf cryptology, this patented SDS storage makes SAFE the Breach killer.

Zero Trust
Remove the possible insider attack by taking away the keys. SAFE operates in a “trust no one” capacity when considering privacy matters. SAFE eliminates a single point of failure through the introduction of multiple key vaults as multiple encryptions are managed. Therefore, no one single party has the ability to decrypt data on their own.


  • Ensures security by deploying on-premise
    and in the cloud
  • Encrypts sensitive data in use
  • Encrypts any personal data and other fields
    deemed necessary
  • Robust TDR leverages Machine Learning
    Algorithms to detect potential threats in minutes
  • Patented encryption technology does not reveal contents if the data is stolen

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