Paperclip SIGN

Based on the success of our eM4 encrypted email solution, Paperclip sought to reimagine the document e-signature process. Not only to provide clients with added simplicity, but to protect them with an e-sign tool that meets the highest standards of government compliance. The result is Paperclip SIGN® (formerly eM4 POA).


Paperclip SIGN provides an e-sign experience free of embedded applets, user sign up requirements, format limitations and fees. In fact, it requires no set up or training at all. Users simply select a box in our eM4 solution, place the e-signature content in the body of the e-mail, and our technology does all the work.

Upon receipt, Paperclip SIGN verifies and records when it has been opened, and provides evidence that the person giving the attestation is the correct party. When the e-mail is returned, users can store it in their Virtual Client Folder, or choice of e-mail repository. It’s that simple.


  • No setup
  • Compatible with all popular file formats and image types
  • Proof of Delivery and Proof of Readability
  • Supports up to 100MB to include unlimited attachments
  • E-sign event expiration configurable
  • No transactional billing
  • Elegantly included in the eM4 interface

Request a Demonstration

Contact us to view Paperclip Sign in action, and explore how easy it is to add it to your new or existing eM4 e-mail encryption solution.