Virtual Client Folder

VCF is a Microsoft Azure PaaS-provided enterprise content management service (ECM). As a true ECM solution born in the cloud, users can capture, store and retrieve documents anytime, from anywhere. Our technology successfully transfers daily interaction with documents of all types to an online experience that dramatically improves efficiency and user adoption.


VCF adds extensive functionality to current applications, providing a complete imaging and document management solution for the desktop, departmental workgroup, or an entire organization. Among its core features are browser-based document scanning, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to upload documents to a folder, print-to-TIFF capture, and secure exchange of documents. VCF also includes a powerful no-programming workflow tool that enables users to easily create work queues for processing.


  • Easy integration
  • Per-user subscription service for cost efficiency
  • File cabinet repository for storage of unlimited pages
  • Available two-factor authentication
  • Whitelist IP table for elevated security
  • Real-time admin view of user activity
  • Supports single sign-on via SAML 2.x
  • Comprehensive JSON API
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault

Specialized Solutions

  • vcf4Compliance. Meets all SEC requirements for electronic document storage, within a multi-layer hosting model that complies with Rule 17a-4 for unalterable secure business records that are quickly accessible.
  • vcf4Life. Captures, stores, retrieves and exchanges electronic documents in a compliant standards-based environment for life insurance professionals.
  • vcf4Securities. Captures, stores, retrieves, exchanges and audits electronic documents in a compliant shared environment for Securities professionals.

Support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault

VCF also supports Microsoft Azure Key Vault for elevated subscriber control, preventing Paperclip hosting resources from ever accessing Subscriber’s content while offering the Subscriber the option to maintain Paperclip as the key vault manager. Content is encrypted with AES 256, and the Azure SQL database is protected with Transparent Data Encryption.

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Contact us to speak to a Paperclip expert in your industry for a private consultation, demonstration and tailored recommendations. Financial and life insurance clients will receive specialized assistance.