Internet eXpress

Internet Express Product Overview

Internet eXpress is a Internet based electronic document package delivery service designed to interconnect trading partners Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Internet eXpress enables fast, cost-efficient secure electronic delivery of documents from one sender to any number of recipients. It eliminates the need for expensive courier services, inefficiencies of single connections, enables large package size, and provides essential real time tracking tools.

Introduced in 1998, Internet eXpress is delivering over 6 million documents per month. It is designed for easy integration with any ECM that supports an import/export capability. Configuration only requires mapping your translator to the many Internet eXpress industry data dictionaries. Once in place, senders benefit from secure, audited electronic document transfer, and recipients automatically fill electronic workflow queues with new business. Senders learn one way to send, and Internet eXpress know the preferred delivery method of each recipient: Secure eXchange, Secure Email or Secure Fax. Internet eXpress supports Electronic Document eXchange Standard 3.1 (EDX), for sending any type of file format text, image, spreadsheet, video, audio and more.

Secure Email
Secure Fax
Secure eXchange

Key Advantages to Internet eXpress:

  • Encrypted document delivery via SSL communications network
  • In one pass send the same package to multiple receivers
  • Integrated real-time tracking and updates
  • Ability to print on receipt
  • Synchronization to ensure each recipient has the latest package
  • Metadata synchronization to flag any discrepancies
  • Tracking accessible at the VCF dashboard