Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard that encryption-in-use with homomorphic encryption is slow. How has Paperclip addressed that with SAFE?

Does Paperclip SAFE support Generative AI applications?

Why choose a content management company to address data security?

We already have encryption at rest and encryption in motion, what makes SAFE different?

How does SAFE overcome user adoption challenges?

Would we have to migrate all our data to your platform to implement SAFE?

How do we install Paperclip SAFE?

What problem does SAFE solve?

Isn't my company already doing this?

What if we’re not in Microsoft Azure, can we still use Paperclip SAFE?

Can SAFE be used as an encryption at rest solution?

What is Encryption-in-Use?

What is Searchable Encryption?

How does Searchable Encryption work?

Is SAFE Homomorphic Encryption?

What are the benefits of Searchable Encryption?

How does SAFE fit into our new Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA)?

What happens if the Encryption Key is compromised?

How does SAFE support new Privacy requirements?

Can Paperclip support testing before implementation?

Is Paperclip a startup?

How does SAFE support data minimization and data consolidation?

Does Paperclip SAFE do data discovery?

Is Paperclip SAFE post-quantum ready?

What makes Paperclip SAFE’s approach to encryption different?