Ensuring Data Security

The key is having a solution that is easy and simple to not only implement, but use for everyone involved in the e-mail transmission. This approach ensures greater traction and compliance. Cyber threats in mortgage affect your entire business. Are you protected? Paperclip’s eM4 protects customers’ personal information from unwarranted access and the accountability for its use. This significantly minimizes your exposure to compliance and reputational risk. Here’s how it works:

Until now, the industry has lacked a truly compliant e-mail solution, which by industry definition requires that a disinterested third party maintain both the keys used to encrypt the data and a “chain of custody” audit of the emails themselves. eM4, which fulfills both of these requirements, documents the secure life of the e-mail across the Internet and provides the industry with a bar-raising solution that ensures the highest level of fully audit-able confidentiality. eM4 captures e-mail metadata and stores it so that all subscribers can reconcile and reproduce the information for necessary audits. A secure web portal provides access for interactive auditing and period reporting.

eM4 subscriber service is so easy to use that it requires no user training. The system does all the work behind the scenes, with the user barely detecting any difference from usual e-mail activity. Simple encoding rules secure e-mails across the Internet in a compliant manner, and no user keys are required, which eliminates the cost of keys and their associated management. Non-subscribers can also use eM4 to reply to subscriber e-mails in secure and compliant way.

eM4, which stands for “e-mail 4 Compliance,” is a unique service providing a level of true e-mail compliance without undertaking the more cumbersome option of secure electronic document delivery. Unlike standard secure electronic delivery in which messages must be retrieved at a secure location, with eM4 users simply send e-mail as usual. The system deploys in less than one day, requires no user training, and is affordable by an individual user to even the largest enterprise customers.

If you want to be protected just Paperclip it.