Uninterrupted Growth Predicted for ‘Cybercrime Incorporated’*

HACKENSACK, NJ (August 22, 2023) — The darling of Wall Street for the past two decades has continued its steady growth, never letting down their shareholders. This year in 2023, posting $10 trillion in revenue, it remains the largest corporation in the world. Continuing to eat at their competition, it now commands a market share responsible for 20% of the $55.51 trillion Global Economy and is on pace to pass the total US GDP at $21.12 trillion by 2030.

Cybercrime Incorporated stock continues its charge to $17.21 per share, with 3.26 trillion shares outstanding. Stock watchers and governments around the world predict that Cybercrime Incorporated revenue will grow to $25 trillion by 2030, targeting the $100 a share mark.

With more than 2,800 products currently available targeting data stores in more than 200 countries, Cybercrime Incorporated is the largest cybercrime innovator, manufacturer, and distributor in the world. It is the largest corporation in the United States and one of the most successful brands in marketing history. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and with offices located globally. Cybercrime Incorporated has partnered with several nation states in support of economic and political control, and impact on consumer confidence.

Cybercrime Incorporated integrates technology and expertise, providing infrastructure, software, support, and consulting services for clients as they continue to harvest identities and reap the rewards of the digital age.

Mr. Revenant, CEO of Cybercrime Incorporated said, “An individual’s personal information can be worth more than US$1,000 on the dark web and we have only scratched the surface with 6 billion identities available. We anticipate accelerated growth as more cryptocurrency companies come online, increasing our capabilities to securely launder money through our network of strategic financial repositories.”

Cybercrime Incorporated does face challenges like any growing company, such as new markets, retaining talent, and research and development costs. Cybercrime Incorporated—which spends less than 1% of their total revenues on research and development—continues to benefit from the lack of effective tools and cybersecurity strategies that can be deployed to protect valuable, sensitive data.

“Given the growth of digitization, cybersecurity complexity, lack of organized legislation, and new disruptive tools such as generative AI, we don’t expect a need to divert any major investment to R&D in the near term,” said Mr. Revenant. “We continue to grow our business upon simple vulnerabilities.”

Ms. Anvil, Cybercrime Incorporated Chief Technology Officer stated, “We maintain the advantage because we choose what to attack and when to attack—the revenue opportunities remain wide open. I see no obstacles in our growth as long as our customers continue their affection with access security but leave their core sensitive data and controlled intellectual property stored in plaintext.”

Wall Street analysts studying financial documents, company management, and other relevant information to evaluate investment potential of Cybercrime Incorporated continue to be bullish and virtually all have recommended immediate “Buy” positions. Analysts monitoring the industry point to many sensitive data-rich sectors such as healthcare, retail, financial, securities, and federal government. As data creation and consumption grows in the cyber-age, every sector is a target for Cybercrime Incorporated market capture.

For example, the credit card sectors continue to see strong growth related to an explosion in online transactions and the preference of plastic over cash. Analysts are seeing the value of dark web credit card identity sales rising from $80 to $220 per record over the last few years, mainly contributed to their ability to steal cards with greater open credit line ceilings.

Baby Diamond, a Wall Street influencer, claims this market will only grow as long as its consumers and corporate leadership accept Einstein’s definition of insanity. To quote Ms. Diamond “If people keep doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results, we will continue to get burned.”

Dark Web Credit Card Price Index 2022  
Credit card details, account balance up to $5,000 $120
Credit card details, account balance up to $1,000 $80
Stolen online banking logins, minimum $2,000 on account $65
Israel hacked credit card details with CVV $25


When Mr. Moneymaker, Cybercrime Incorporated CFO was asked what  the biggest threat to your revenue stream is, he commented, “New tech and new thinking; we see the size and the growth of organizations trying to stop us and as long as they continue their status quo access defense posture, we’ll do just fine.”

“Shutting down the current source of plaintext identities doesn’t present us with a real threat to our bottom line. Especially given the cybersecurity industry’s obsession with access control security, a zero-sum game,” he added “We’ve seen some advancement in global privacy legislation, but it lacks strong data security language. The result has been inadequate core security, and without security, there is no privacy.”

Today the forecast for Cybercrime Incorporated is bright. New tools in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and the continued storage of data in plaintext will make it easier for Cybercrime to access identities.

Mr. Revenant said it best, “All data at the end of everybody’s’ keyboard, within storage, memory, and CPU, or even dedicated processing servers is in plaintext. With all that sensitive data easily accessible, our future is very bright for many years to come.”

Analyst Opinion

The only option to hedge and short Cybercrime Incorporated will be the use of encryption. Encryption is currently used to secure communications and offline data using “Encryption in Transit (motion or flight)” and “Encryption at Rest”, respectively. These efforts alone have not been effective in slowing the growth of Cybercrime Incorporated. The use of encryption on production data is the only thing that can stop Cybercrime Incorporated’s growth and until then, hedge funds will continue to own and buy and will not short the stock. 

Cybercrime Incorporated did tease about a new service they are building to help public companies with the new Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules. These rules require disclosure of material cybersecurity incidents on Form 8-K and periodic disclosure of a registrant’s cybersecurity risk management, strategy, and governance in annual reports. Cybercrime noted that they have all the required data to complete the reports and filings, in most cases before the client knows they have been breached. Pricing has not been offered, but Cybercrime believes it will save $1 million annually in this new cost of cyber SEC filings.

In writing this opinion, I did learn about new technologies that would impact Cybercrime’s business: Homomorphic Encryption (HE), Format Preserving Encryption, Confidential Computing, and Searchable Symmetrical Encryption (SSE).  HE,FPE, & Confidential Computing, once showing promise, have lost their followers due to slow performance and/or weak security. SSE has been proven as a secure means of encrypting on-line production data in storage, memory, CPU, and inputs/outputs maintaining fast SQL performance with strong NIST certified encryption standards.

When the cybersecurity industry eventually turns to “Encryption in Use” or “Searchable Encryption” solutions, Cybercrime Incorporated’s revenues will fall and within a decade could completely go out of business. Look at Paperclip SAFE®, the future of Searchable Encryption, as a good example of what Cybercrime will come to fear.


*The above content is a fictitious representation of cybercrime as an organized corporation, “Cybercrime Incorporated”. None of the trading information represents an actual company. All members of, and comments made by Cybercrime Incorporated and Wall Street analysts were made up and not based on comments from any real individuals or organizations. Unfortunately, much of this is based on the reality of current threat actor activity, and cybersecurity strategy and implementation. We can do a lot better to stop cybercrime.


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