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Internet eXpress Data Sheet

PaperClip Internet eXpress (IE) is an Internet based electronic document package delivery service designed to interconnect trading partners Integrated Document Management solutions. Exchange electronic documents as easy as paper today eliminating the need to scan and index. IE transports electronic document packages across the SSL communication network providing security and tracking. Utilizing the public standard Electronic Document eXchange (EDX) version 3.1 for packaging electronic documents, any EDX V3.1 compliant system can connect to the IE network seamlessly. Non-EDX compliant IDM solutions can take advantage of IE’s powerful Package Translation System (PTS) for end system compatibility. Now you can connect company workflow and integrated document management solutions to business partners and branch offices around the world. Standards driven, IE cuts cost and reduces time to process.

Integrated Products

Virtual Client Folder
Document Capture

Discover the Benefits of Internet eXpress

IE SSL Network is a secure network ensuring the most efficient transfer of documents while preserving their integrity.

Internet eXpress Central Office host a “market place” data dictionary

PTS provides interoperability among popular IDM solutions.

eXchange4 Portal provides dynamic tracking status which allows for up to date end to end tracking of electronic packages.

Electronic Reconciliation provides synchronization of sending and receiving IE Clients.

Many to Many Connectivity

System Requirements