We’ve created a SAFE test drive program to give qualified companies a look at how real-time searchable encryption works.

Experts Agree… Data-at-Rest and Data-in-Transit Encryption is not Enough.


“The migration of data to the cloud, privacy regulations and zero trust have made pervasive encryption a priority.”

Gartner Report:

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment in Encryption


“The USPTO is considering the adoption of encryption-in-use technology to protect data as it builds out its zero-trust security architecture.”

Jamie Holcombe
CIO, US Patent and Trademark Office


“Paperclip has proven they can enable our back office and partners to store data reliably and securely.”

Scott Weber
VP, Practice Management & Technology

Always Encrypted. Always Ahead.

Leveraging privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) and Paperclip’s patented shredding protocols, SAFE combines state of the art cybersecurity with advances in data storage and retrieval, resulting in large scale data security while enabling faster, searchable access. Always encrypted. Always SAFE.

Beyond Encryption: Paperclip SAFE Data Security

A holistic cybersecurity plan needs to assume the one thing we have historically refused to admit: perimeter security, even with the use of complex passwords, 2FA, physical keys, and endpoint detection is failing. Attackers are still getting in and are patiently waiting to exploit even the smallest of opportunities. And they are winning. All you have to do is wait a day or two to read the next story of a data breach.

Paperclip SAFE® is built atop our patented data shredding technology. Each piece of data is shredded, stored with no context, and stored only once creating probabilistic encryption. This means if, after everything, your data is still hacked and stolen, it’s worthless…it’s nothing more than a shredded mix of incongruous pieces of data. Your data is always encrypted and always SAFE.

Paperclip SAFE renders breaches worthless. No more ransom demands. Welcome to the future of data security.

SAFE® empowers organizations to:

  • Safeguard confidential data and ensure privacy
  • Find and access data at blinding speeds
  • Defend against attackers focused on breaking encryption
  • Apply multiple key vaults so no one can decrypt data individually
  • Mitigate the possibility of experiencing a comprised database, stolen data, operational downtime, reputational damage, and financial loss

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Stop the Breach with SAFE®

The most common database action is the query. After all, data is compiled and stored to be utilized at some future point. The current challenge is that the data must be in a decrypted state to be queried. It’s at this decrypted point where all critical data is exposed to risk such as data theft risk or even reassignment of control related to a ransomware attack. Paperclip SAFE®, while still leveraging best in class encryption in its data scheme, has added our own proprietary implementation of encryption-in-use. This results in your data being fully encrypted during any query, allowing you to finally realize the true potential of your data without exposing it to unnecessary risk.

Want to learn more about encryption-in-use, zero trust, or privacy? Schedule time with a Paperclip expert for a basic Q&A, talk through your data security strategy, or view a quick demonstration.