Paperclip Inc. Launches Electronic Signature Solution Focused on Security and Simplicity

eM4 Proof of Agreement offers e-sign alternative with improved functionality and ease of use over leading brands

HACKENSACK, NJ (March 14, 2023) — Paperclip, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PCPJ) has created an e-signature solution that is simpler and more secure than what most companies use today. Paperclip’s eM4 Proof of Agreement (POA) gives companies a better alternative to e-sign solutions that have become difficult to configure and manage.

“People are recognizing more and more pain points with their e-signing solutions,” said Mike Bridges, President and COO of Paperclip Inc. “We knew there was a need for a simpler e-signing solution with easier setup for companies. eM4 POA makes e-signature and agreements simple, fast and secure—all at a lower cost than leading solutions.”

The global e-signature market is growing rapidly and expected to grow from more than $5 billion in 2022 to more than $25 billion by 2026, according to recent research. Most companies adopt e-signature solutions to save time and meet customer demand, but it can also help meet security compliance requirements, limit errors, reduce missing files, and lower costs.

Better Functionality

eM4 POA requires no document setup or signature templates and supports 18 different file formats plus email alone—more than any other solution on the market today. That means users can sign different types of photos, PDFs, word documents—even voice and video files—without restrictions. Users can take any electronic content and have it agreed to quickly and easily.

Paperclip has also improved the process of e-sign document attestation, creating a footer on each page of a document allowing the document to be introduced back into the workflow while preserving the integrity of the e-signed event.

Improved Security

Paperclip built eM4 POA to be as secure as possible without bogging down the e-sign process. To do so, Paperclip leverages wallet security for multi-factor authentication. Upon sign-in, the user provides a custom wallet security item that both them and the signee know, quickly confirming their identity and preventing fraudulent activity. With this authentication process, eM4 POA is substantially more secure than leading e-sign solutions.

The eM4 POA “Click and Close” model adds another layer of security and protects documents with Paperclip’s own encryption technology. Users can securely store the e-sign documents for a year with an option to extend storage time.

The solution also seamlessly integrates with Paperclip’s Virtual Client Folder (VCF) solution, a cloud-based enterprise content management service (ECM) that allows users to capture, store and retrieve documents anytime, from anywhere. Customers already using VCF can request e-signatures for any file stored in VCF and have them returned to VCF upon completion.

“Our customers told us what they needed, and we listened,” Bridges said. “These capabilities go above and beyond the competition and are exactly what customers need to support and grow their business.”


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