Paperclip Inc. Aligns with TechPar Group, LLC for Continued Growth in Cybersecurity Field

–TechPar provides talent on demand for growing Paperclip team of encryption-in-use experts–

HACKENSACK, NJ (December 1, 2022)—Paperclip, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PCPJ) announced today that it has partnered with TechPar Group, LLC to provide ‘Trusted Talent On Demand™’ for Paperclip, driven largely by the recent launch of Paperclip SAFE®, a breakthrough controlled data solution specifically designed to prevent data theft and ransomware attacks. The solution — trusted by Paperclip for more than two years to keep its Fortune 1000 client’s data safe – does so using patented encryption-in-use technology.

“Aligning with TechPar Group enhances our new Paperclip SAFE® strategies with world class technology sales support and implementation talent,” said Chad F. Walter, Chief Revenue Officer for Paperclip, Inc. “TechPar Group’s long-term trusted relationship with their clients makes them an ideal alliance partner poised to respond to the early interest we’re experiencing related to the Paperclip SAFE® encryption-in-use solution.”

“TechPar provides Paperclip with ‘Trusted Talent On Demand’ needed to support organizations’ demand for better critical data security and zero trust solutions. We’ve all seen the growth of data theft related breaches. Companies require more than what database encryption at-rest and in-transit solutions can provide. Paperclip SAFE® was specifically designed to address the risks presented by vast amounts of plaintext data residing within the memory stack. The Paperclip/TechPar Group alliance positions us to deliver better solutions to protect core, critical data from theft and ransomware attacks.”

“TechPar Group, LLC is pleased to enter into this alliance partnership with Paperclip SAFE,” said Dr. Charles Popper, Founding Partner of TechPar Group LLC. “The combination of our ‘Trusted Talent On Demand’ business model and their unique operationally tested and proven Cybersecurity solution for protecting critical data-in-use can be a game changer for organizations searching for better solutions for protecting date-in-use.”

About Paperclip, Inc.

Paperclip is a software technology partner solely focused on providing enterprises with the most efficient means of secure document capture, processing, and storage of millions of documents for rapidly growing firms and Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. Paperclip does so via leading-edge solutions that keep information digital throughout its life cycle.

Paperclip offers an expansive range of cloud based B2B and B2C solutions that eliminate paper to deliver new possibilities in efficiency, communication, and ROI, each customized to specific industry and business goals. For more information, visit this link.

About TechPar Group, LLC

 TechPar Group consists exclusively of high-level, high-achieving IT, business, and risk and compliance professionals who have already made their mark and want to help other companies make theirs. TechPar team members are experienced, battled-scarred veterans who have been there, done that and achieved extraordinary levels of success. They didn’t just run and transform companies and mission-critical divisions; many were industry movers and shakers, leaders who made their mark while making a difference.

TechPar’s unique blend of seasoned technology, business and risk executives provide the needed expertise critical to overcome the challenges in today’s complex, changing and data dependent businesses. TPG consultants are brought into the firm based on both their stellar credentials and their willingness to now put their hard-won experience to work on behalf of our clients.

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