Paperclip Inc. Partners with Advintro in Response to Paperclip SAFE® Interest

Advintro gives Paperclip access to full portfolio of targeted potential clients and cuts the sales ramp-up process down to just a few months

HACKENSACK, N.J., Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Paperclip, Inc. (OTCMKTS: PCPJ) announced today that it has partnered with Advintro to provide fractional fintech sales services for the company’s newest software product, Paperclip SAFE®, a breakthrough solution specifically designed to prevent data theft and ransomware attacks. The solution — trusted by Paperclip for more than two years to keep its Fortune 1000 client’s data safe – does so using patented encryption-in-use technology.

Advintro gives Paperclip access to its full portfolio of wealth management and financial services clients and cuts the sales ramp-up process from the standard 12-18 months if they were to build the sales department themselves, down to just a few months with Advintro.

“We’ve received a lot of early interest in Paperclip SAFE®, making it clear that we needed to scale up our sales operations very rapidly to meet the early inquiries,” said Chad F. Walter, Chief Revenue Officer for Paperclip, Inc. “After reviewing several companies, we determined that Advintro best aligns to our specific sales activity requirements. Advintro brings a level of experience and professionalism that best matches both our prospect expectations, and our sales goals. We look forward to a long a productive partnership.”

“At Advintro, we are always looking to partner with exciting fintech solutions to bring to our clients,” said Wim Van Lerberghe, Co-Founder of Advintro. “We were very impressed with how Paperclip SAFE goes beyond the status quo and delivers a truly unique solution.”

“Clients leverage Advintro for our deep level of experience, and for our trusted network,” said Paul R. Renken co-founder of Advintro. “It takes decades to build the level of trust and experience that our professionals bring to the table. We look to partner with exciting fintech solutions and carefully select solutions that we bring to our trusted relationships because our reputation is on the line. We are confident that our clients will see the value proposition for Paperclip SAFE.”

About Paperclip, Inc.

Paperclip is a software technology partner solely focused on providing enterprises with the most efficient means of secure document capture, processing, and storage of millions of documents for rapidly growing firms and Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. Paperclip does so via leading-edge solutions that keep information digital throughout its life cycle.

Paperclip offers an expansive range of cloud based B2B and B2C solutions that eliminate paper to deliver new possibilities in efficiency, communication, and ROI, each customized to specific industry and business goals. For more information, visit

About Advintro

Advintro is a boutique firm that specializes in outsourced/augmented B2B business development and sales resources. The company provides services on a fractional basis with a particular focus on the wealth management and financial services industries.

Advintro cultivates deep relationships and trust built over several decades with senior-level executives in leading financial services companies to shorten and accelerate the sales process.

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