Paperclip SAFE® and TLA Innovation, Inc. Partner to Integrate Encryption-in-Use Within Innovative Identity Authentication Solution

TLA’s BoomID Mobile leverages Paperclip SAFE® to keep data encrypted and readily available

HACKENSACK, NJ (April 26, 2023) — Paperclip, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PCPJ) has partnered with TLA Innovation, Inc. to integrate its breakthrough searchable encryption technology, SAFE, within it’s BoomID Mobile solution.

“We’re thrilled that TLA has chosen to integrate Paperclip SAFE® within their highly innovative and disruptive authentication solutions,” said Chad Walter, Chief Revenue Officer at Paperclip. “TLA’s solutions are among the first to integrate searchable encryption as part of their core operations. Integrating SAFE as a key component exceeds current compliance requirements and puts BoomID Mobile levels above the competition.

“In data security, we like to say ‘be better, do more, make a difference,’” Walter added. “BoomID is doing just that.”

TLA has created a mobile app with an integrated personal identity management solution, featuring SAFE’s searchable encryption technology that they will bring to market later this year.

Leveraging privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) and Paperclip’s patented shredding protocols, SAFE combines state of the art encryption with advances in cybersecurity, data storage and retrieval, resulting in large scale data protection while enabling faster, always encrypted, searchable access.

“TLA’s Verified Identity products protect against bots and fraud, using advanced biometrics and AI to validate identity and facilitate cleaner, more efficient business processes,” said Benjamin Massin, CEO of TLA. “Paperclip SAFE is an essential element of BoomID Mobile, keeping data encrypted and readily accessible. SAFE searchable encryption technology will be integrated within our new personal identity management solution launching the second half of the year.”

BoomID Mobile™ is a next generation password manager and digital wallet, providing the user with a single sign-on experience during application login, while providing secure storage of the user’s verified records.

“SAFE was built with solution integration in mind,” Walter said. “Cybersecurity innovators like TLA can benefit from searchable encryption to elevate security and functionality for their solutions.”

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TLA Innovation’s SaaS platforms use identity to improve business processes and mitigate risk. TLA’s Verified Identity™ protects against identity-driven attacks and uses advanced biometrics and AI to assure identities and facilitate cleaner, more efficient business processes.

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