Paperclip SAFE Disrupts Data Security Industry Using Encryption Software

Paperclip SAFE Encryption-In-Use Software Used to Prevent Data Theft and Ransomware Attacks

–30-year data management leader Paperclip Inc. comes out of stealth mode, introduces a proprietary solution to the public, one it has trusted for more than two years to keep its Fortune 1000 clients’ data safe–

LAS VEGAS – INSURETECH CONNECT (September 20, 2022)—Paperclip, Inc. today announced the launch of Paperclip SAFE, a breakthrough encryption software solution specifically designed to prevent data theft and ransomware attacks, both on-premise and in the cloud. The solution — trusted by Paperclip, Inc. for more than two years to keep its Fortune 1000 client’s data safe – does so using encryption-in-use technology.

According to Gartner Group, “traditional data-at-rest encryption, as commonly implemented, does not provide strong protection against theft and data breaches. It is incapable of securing data in use and data-sharing scenarios.’”

Paperclip SAFE’s encryption-in-use technology:

  • breaks the attacker’s tools even if they have full access to the database and keys
  • renders data unreadable, even inside the perimeter
  • utilizes key and access controls aligning with Zero Trust frameworks
  • allows searching while data is salted, hashed, shredded, and encrypted
  • reveals no user information in memory or search tables, even if keys are captured
  • is fast and only allows users to see what you want them to see
  • applies threat detection with watchdog against TDR (Threat Detection and Response) attacks

“Six years ago, we realized the data we managed for our clients was at risk, and could not find a solution robust enough, so we created our own,” said William Weiss, CEO, Paperclip, Inc. “After years of strenuous tests and thwarting real-world breach scenarios for our clients, we decided to bring the solution to the public, and thus Paperclip SAFE was born.”

“Experts in cybersecurity have referred to encryption-in-use as the holy grail,” said D. Michael Bridges, President, Paperclip, Inc. “Even when a user is searching, your data stays encrypted with Paperclip SAFE, potentially saving companies millions of dollars every year in breach aftermath expenses.”

Paperclip SAFE allows every organization, in every sector, to finally and permanently realize the true potential of their stored information. It is the ultimate unification of unbreakable security with unparalleled access, millisecond search/retrieval speed and ease. Designed for any company that stores substantial amounts of data, Paperclip SAFE is easy to implement, leveraging the SaaS approach to delivery and simple API integration.  Learn more about Paperclip SAFE, and find answers all of your searchable encryption questions.

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