Paperclip SAFE Sponsors Global Collegiate Penetration Test Competition

The annual competition will be held at RIT Jan. 12-14

HACKENSACK, NJ (Jan. 10, 2024) — Paperclip Inc. (OTCMKTS:PCPJ), announces its sponsorship of 2024 Global Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC) to be held at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Jan. 12-14. Going into it’s ninth season, the competition had more than 100 schools that competed across 7 global regions.

“We are honored to sponsor an event that is a critical resource for the training and development of future cybersecurity professionals,” said Chad Walter, CRO of Paperclip. “It will be exciting to be back this year to see the best future cybersecurity leaders apply their pen testing, creativity, and communication skills to real-world scenarios. It’s always a top-notch event.”

The CPTC is an event in which the world’s top cybersecurity students are assigned to penetration test a real-world scenario and determine areas of vulnerability. The participating students gain real-life experience that will prove hugely beneficial to future employers, especially during the growing shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the workforce.

“Each year we attract the top talent from across the world who really are the cream of the crop in the cybersecurity profession,” said Justin Pelletier, Director of the Cyber Range and Training Center at RIT’s Global Cybersecurity Institute, “They’ll be the next generation of senior engineers and CISOs.

“The ability for the competitors to communicate their findings in a non-technical manner is really one of the things that separates them,” he added. “They speak in that lexicon of risk that every senior leader understands. Translating the

technical findings into business impact analysis is a hallmark of the realism of our competition.”

Throughout the fall of 2023, more than 400 elite cybersecurity students from 70 schools gathered at nine regional events across the world to compete in the CPTC regionals. The top 15 collegiate teams will face off in the weekend-long global finals at RIT in Rochester, N.Y.

This year’s theme for the competition is “Planes, Trains and Automation” and focuses on critical transportation infrastructure. Participants will be challenged with hacking fictional airports, railways, airline software and more in real-world scenarios.

Paperclip sponsors the competition alongside the U.S. Department of Defense, Google Cloud, Aventiv, Security Risk Advisors, Hurricane Labs, and more. Learn more about CPTC at


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